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Our Story

This all started when I went to my friend’s marriage, it was on a beach resort, we all enjoyed the party and later in the evening we had great fun and food on the beach.

Next morning, we planned to go for a scuba diving and the trainer came right on time to take us to the beach, I saw the evidence of our party were still there on the beach and so many used food plastic utensils plates, bowls and other plastic material were floating on the seawater near to the beach, It felt bad to see that view, although the cleaning team were taking care of the trash it was too much for them to manage.


My scuba instructor saw a fish in trouble there as if it can not breathe, we immediately went to it and we removed a piece of plastic plate stuck in the mouth of the fish. he showed me that piece of plastic, then I asked our assistant “if fish can eat plastic?” he told that the fish had come to eat not the plastic but some leftover food on the plate and by mistake, fish ate the plastic too, which could prove fatal for the fish or many others aquatic animals!

I feel very sad that I was a part of such a celebration because of which our environment and the millions and millions of creatures living in it are in danger. Coming to the hotel that day, I researched this topic on the internet and found that with plastic and its excessive use, we are putting our earth in grave danger. which is not only dangerous to the flora and fauna but also can damage our eco-cycle by that way this was a big danger to everyone on earth including us, the humans.

In my research, I further found that not only the seaside ceremonies but also the waste generated by indoor and outdoor events like wedding, lawn party, pool party, birthday party, picnics, barbeque, corporate events and many are somehow contaminating the sea, river or any other water source. I found that an average American throws away approximately 185 pounds of plastic per year! and most of it is used plastic disposal utensils, in fact, more than 100 million pieces of plastic utensils are used by Americans every day, that can take up to 1000 years to decompose, leaking harmful substances into the earth while they are breaking down, It is projected the 2050 99% of the bird species will have ingested plastic. The average newborn today has over 200 toxins in their bloodstream. Some of these toxins include BPA and Phthalates commonly found in single-use plastic.

after all this research and analysis, I had so many questions in my mind like can I do anything to bring a change? how can we stop this unhealthy dangerous practice? and also, is there any sustainable replacement available? which can be used instead of plastic and make our own earth as beautiful as heaven. These questions would enable me to dig deeper and deeper into countless hours of research. I even took a look at early civilisation history, and finally got an innovative spirit from ancient times. Our ancestors knew how to utilize limited resources. Fortunately, they didn’t have plastic. Everything they made was from agricultural waste. Like plant leaves, grass and other natural material. Everything came from nature and ultimately went right back creating no disturbance in the eco-system.

Through research, I further discovered that agricultural by-products are now abundant all over the world. Unfortunately, much of it is burned which has become a major contributing factor for air pollution in many countries. Agricultural by-products are the most eco-friendly products in the world. We couldn’t understand why more and more people were not utilizing resources that were being discarded and burned.

That’s when we decided to launch Palm Naki with an inspiration to make our earth heaven by using only biodegradable areca palm leaf food utensils like plates, bowls, knives, forks, and spoons.

Let's pledge to make a green and safer earth for our coming generations, believe me, this is the best gift we can offer to our upcoming generation if we make our earth cleaner by adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle.

“Small Acts When Multiplied By Millions Can Transform The World” -Howard Zinn

 We appreciate you for reading our story, We will be more honoured if you adopt a green and eco-friendly lifestyle.

 If you have any suggestion or feedback for us please write to us on

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