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Our Mission


We are a group of young energetic entrepreneurs, always on the lookout for new and exciting products to bring to the market. We aim to bring high quality, up to date items, at the best possible prices.

As deeply as we care about the quality and usefulness of our creations, we equally are concerned with the impact we have on the environment, and the people who source the raw materials for us.

When we set out to design a collection of single use, fine dinning utensils, our first concern was, what can we use that is aesthetically pleasing, practical, strong, safe for the users, and the environment? Our research led us to the Areca Palm Leaf.

The Areca Palm is a fast growing tree, replenishable , and well priced. It's leaves can be formed to create beautiful plates and bowls that hold up well to dry and wet foods, hot or cold! The plates, when discarded, are completely biodegradable by turning naturally into compost in a few months or less.

Our plates and bowls and cutlery have a natural wood look, are completely safe for use with all types of food, and look absolutely amazing. They can be used for any occasion, from totally casual, to absolutely formal. From tailgate party, to wedding feast.

The combination of beauty, quality, price, and the ability to be socially and environmentally responsible make us feel really excited to bring our palm leaf dinnerware sets to the market.

Our goal is to please, we know you will enjoy!

If you have any suggestion or feedback please write to us at

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